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Employment History

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(If possible, we prefer that at least one reference be from a staff member or volunteer leader at The Memphis Dream Center. Please do not include family members.)

General Information

Background Check

We would like to learn a little more about you. If you would like to, please provide your usernames so we can find you on social media:

I, undersigned, give my authorization to The Memphis Dream Center or it’s representation to release any and all records or information relating to working with minors or finances. MDC may contact appropriate government agencies (including authorization for Criminal Records Check) as deemed necessary in order to verify my suitability as a team member. I understand the personal information will be held strictly confidential by the professional MDC staff.

I certify that information contained in this application is true and complete. I understand that false information may be grounds for not hiring me, or for immediate termination of employment at any point in the future, if I am hired. I authorize the verification of any and all information listed above.

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